Application of power ultrasound on the convective drying of fruits and vegetables: effects on quality

Show simple item record Rodríguez Barragán, Oscar Alberto Eim Iznarodo, Valeria Soledad Rosselló Matas, María Carmen Femenia Marroig, Antoni Cárcel, Juan A. Simal Florindo, Susana 2018-10-18T08:35:25Z
dc.description.abstract [eng] Drying gives rise to products with a long shelf life by reducing the water activity to a level that is sufficiently low to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, enzymatic reactions, and other deteriorative reactions. Despite the benefits of this operation, the quality of heat sensitive products is diminished when high temperatures are used. The use of low drying temperatures reduces the heat damage but, because of a longer drying time, oxidation reactions occur and a reduction of the quality is also observed. Thus, drying is a method that lends itself to being intensified. For this reason, alternative techniques are being studied. Power ultrasound is considered as an emerging and promising technology in the food industry. The potential of this technology relies on its ability to accelerate the mass transfer processes in solid-liquid and solid-gas systems. Intensification of the drying process with power ultrasound can be achieved by modifying the product behavior during drying, using pre-treatments such as soaking in a liquid medium assisted acoustically or, during the drying process itself, by applying power ultrasound in the gaseous medium. This review summarises the effects of the application of the power ultrasound on the quality of different dried products, such as fruits and vegetables when the acoustic energy is intended to intensify the drying process, either when the application is performed before pretreatment or during the drying process.
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dc.title Application of power ultrasound on the convective drying of fruits and vegetables: effects on quality
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