Assessing the Role of Facilitators in Evidence-Based Family-Centric Prevention Programs via Delphi Technique

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dc.description.abstract [eng]In the research about evidence-based, family-centric prevention programs, there are several bibliographies related to program contents and family results. Yet, less information is found about program facilitators, who are key to effective implementation and delivery of these programs. To identify the principal qualities that define a good facilitator, as well as the best methodologies for assessing the facilitators' work, a consensus-building process between 16 experts¿the Delphi technique¿was employed. The Delphi approach included a baseline document and a questionnaire about facilitators and evaluation methodologies for assessing their role in family-centric prevention programs. The study's participants (a) highly ranked the importance of a facilitator's interpersonal skills and experience in family interventions and (b) suggested that facilitators are best assessed using qualitative techniques such as observation and focus groups.
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dc.relation.ispartof Families In Society-The Journal Of Contemporary Social Services, 2014, vol. 95, num. 4, p. 236-244
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dc.subject.other 3 - Social Science. Statistics. Demography. Sociology. Politics. Economics. Law. Public administration. Military affairs. Welfare. Insurance. Education. Cultural anthropology
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dc.title Assessing the Role of Facilitators in Evidence-Based Family-Centric Prevention Programs via Delphi Technique
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dc.subject.keywords Prevención basada en la evidencia científica
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dc.subject.keywords Formación de formadores
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dc.subject.keywords Educación familiar y servicios sociales
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