The lectin pathway in lupus and tuberculosis: MBL2 and MASP2 polymorphisms, beneficial or harmful

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dc.description.abstract [eng] MBL2 exon 1, promoter genotyping and serum MBL concentrations were determined in TB patients (79) and HHC (120) and in SLE cases (39) and controls (59). MASP-2 serum levels and 5 polymorphisms in MASP2 gene were also analyzed in 49 TB patients and 50 HHC and in the same SLE cases and controls as before. LXPA/HYPA, high MBL producer diplotype was significantly more frequent in HHC than in patients (16.8% vs 6.4%, p=0.03). Higher MBL levels were found in active TB than in HHC (median MBL 3420ng/mL [10-28415] and 2600 ng/mL [5-20000] respectively, p=0.02). In the SLE study LYQC/HYPD, LXPA/LYQC and LYPB/HYPD were only found in SLE patients, related to severe MBL deficiency (<100ng/mL). There was a strong correlation between MBL2 Exon 1 and promoter genotype and MBL levels. Asp105Gly MASP2 variant was the only detected among; no relationship was found between the variant and TB or SLE. ca
dc.description.abstract [spa] Se determinaron genotipos del exon 1 y del promotor MBL2 y concentraciones de MBL en pacientes con tuberculosis (79) y contactos sanos (120), y en pacientes con lupus (39) y controles (59). Se analizaron niveles de MASP-2 y 5 polimorfismos de MASP2 en 40 tuberculosis y 50 contactos y en los mismos pacientes con lupus y sanos analizados previamente LXPA/HYPA, productor de altos niveles de MBL fue más frecuente en contactos que en pacientes (16.8% vs 6.4%, p=0.03). Niveles más altos de MBL se encontraron en tuberculosis que en contactos (3420ng/mL [10-28415] y 2600 ng/mL [5-20000] respectivamente, p=0.02). En el estudio de lupus LYQC/HYPD, LXPA/LYQC y LYPB/HYPD se encontraron sólo en lupus; se relacionaron con déficit grave de MBL(<100ng/mL). Hubo relación entre genotipos del Exon 1 y del promoter y niveles de MBL. La variante Asp105Gly de MASP2 fue la única encontrada; no se observó relación con tuberculosis o lupus. ca
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dc.subject.other Mannose binding lectin ca
dc.subject.other Mannose associated serine protease ca
dc.subject.other Polymorphisms ca
dc.subject.other Lupus ca
dc.subject.other Tuberculosis ca
dc.subject.other Manosa asociada a lectina ca
dc.subject.other Manosas asociadas a serinproteasa ca
dc.subject.other Polimorfismos ca
dc.title The lectin pathway in lupus and tuberculosis: MBL2 and MASP2 polymorphisms, beneficial or harmful ca
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