Open-access databases for metabolite identification in nutrimetabolomic studies

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dc.contributor Sánchez Roig, Juana Soriano Sierra, Aroa 2018 2019-04-10T08:01:58Z 2018-09-18
dc.description.abstract [eng] There is a growing interest in nutrition epidemiology to identify a biological marker related with the intake of nutrients or foods associated with prevention of diseases. The large amount of data derivated from the analytical techniques is the main bottleneck of the compound characterization. The aim of this work is to overview the useful databases to identify compounds in nutrimetabolomic studies. For that proposal, it has been realized a web exploration of databases related to human nutrition and metabolomics. Up to 50 databases were selected and filtered until the more suitable according to the identification data they provide and they relation with human nutrition. The described databases were: The Human Metabolome Database, Metabolights, Phytohub, the Food Metabolome Database and Food Compound Exchange. After the review, it is highlighted the necessity of a centralized repository that compiles all the data information facilities that each database provides. Meanwhile, The Human Metabolome Database and the Food Metabolome Database are notably the most complete and as well as the best communicated with other useful libraries, but according with your searching needs, Metabolights, Phytohub or Food Compound Exchange could be of utility too. ca
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dc.publisher Universitat de les Illes Balears
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dc.title Open-access databases for metabolite identification in nutrimetabolomic studies ca
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