Nutritional Genomics as cardiovascular disease control in the near future

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dc.description.abstract [eng] Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) rank first among the causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Their development started by the ratio of multifactorial factors including genetic factors and potentially modifiable risk factors, such as diet. The current nutritional recommendations focus on reducing modifiable risk factors, highlighting control of elevated plasma cholesterol. However, this variable is only within the multiple risk factors associated with CVD. With the objective of identifying the interactions related to nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and CVD, a systematic review of the literature in PUBMED, ELSEVIER and SciELO databases, made it possible to find that the nutritional interaction with some genes such as, hepatic lipase, e2, e3, e4 and e5 alleles of apolipoprotein E modulate plasma lipid levels, increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, without neglecting the effects of a diet rich in saturated fatty acids. However, this shows that not all individuals respond equally to fat and not all develop the disease. This concept is applicable in the context of personalized nutrition as prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In conclusion, the treatment of cardiovascular disease depends on the genetic variants that influence the response to a diet and the way how certain nutrients influence the genome.
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dc.relation.ispartof Acta Bioquimica Clinica Latinoamericana, 2014, vol. 48, num. 3, p. 375-381
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dc.title Nutritional Genomics as cardiovascular disease control in the near future
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dc.subject.keywords enfermedades cardiovasculares
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