Cruise Tourism in the area of the conflict between sustainability and its trend using the example of Venice

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dc.contributor Mulet Forteza, Carlos Odle, Katarina 2019 2019-07-23T10:32:35Z 2019-07-23T10:32:35Z 2019-07-23
dc.description.abstract [eng] The focus of this work is to examine and critically analyze the tension between the constantly growing trend of cruises in the element of shore leave and sustainability. The research question focuses on the extent to which the city of Venice is affected by the effects of cruise tourism and whether sustainability can take place in the destination area or whether it takes place at all. By means of an analysis of the current situation of Venice as well as the determination of positive and negative effects of cruise tourism, the answer to the research question is worked out. The view is critically examined regarding the three pillars of sustainability - the ecological, economic and social view. To this end, cruise tourism in these areas will be investigated and indicators for sustainable shore leave in the destination area will be developed. Furthermore, cruise tourism in Venice will be examined and evaluated by means of a SWOT analysis and the indicators developed will be applied accordingly. In addition, existing measures for the increased integration of sustainability in the cruise industry will be examined and further approaches to solutions will be sought that can be reconciled with the triangle of sustainability. The work clearly shows that there is a discernible area of tension in the trend of cruise travel, which is strongly pronounced in favor of economic returns. The question of social and ecological sustainability has moved into the background. Venice could develop into a pioneer of sustainable cruise tourism if it implements the concepts it has developed for the future. For this, however, it is necessary above all to rethink the current policy so that those responsible officially start changes in order to preserve the lagoon city.
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dc.publisher Universitat de les Illes Balears
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dc.subject 338 - Situació econòmica. Política econòmica. Gestió, control i planificació de l'economia. Producció. Serveis. Turisme. Preus ca
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dc.title Cruise Tourism in the area of the conflict between sustainability and its trend using the example of Venice ca
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