Prevention and early diagnosis of childhood osteoporosis: are we doing the right thing?

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dc.description.abstract [eng] Objectives: To assess prevention, early diagnosis and training received regarding osteoporosis among the pediatrics professionals in our area. Material and methods: Survey directed to physicians of pediatricians of Primary Care (PC) and Specialized Care (SC) in order to evaluate their activity in prevention, detection and training received in osteoporosis. The survey was disseminated through the relevant scientific societies. Results: 420 pediatricians participated (324 from PC and 96 from SC). 93.5% of PC pediatricians and 89.6% of SC pediatricians valued the physical activity of the patients; 85.19% and 35.4% of them, respectively, the intake of dairy products. 45.68% of PC and 70.2% of SC recommended calcium and vitamin D supplements in the case of low nutritional intake, whereas 39.2% of PC and 47.2% of SC favored follow-up. 39.6% of SC pediatricians requested bone densitometry for this disease or risk treatment, and 47.9% measured the levels of 25-OH-vitamin D. 25.93% of PC and 45.3% of SC asked about the existence of fractures, 90.4% and 96.8% requested etiopathogenic mechanism. 40% of PC and 86.2% of SC requested a bone densitometry or referred to the specialist for fractures due to low trauma energy, with specific criteria in 13.7% and 5.86%, respectively. 92% of PC and 82.3% of SC had not received recent training in childhood osteoporosis. Conclusion: Detection, derivation circuits and the training of pediatricians regarding bone health in our country can be improved. Optimizing these aspects is essential to favor the peak of bone mass in our population.
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dc.relation.ispartof Revista de Osteoporosis y Metabolismo Mineral , 2018, vol. 10, num. 1, p. 30-36
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dc.title Prevention and early diagnosis of childhood osteoporosis: are we doing the right thing?
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dc.subject.keywords bone health, osteoporosis prevention, early diagnosis of osteoporosis.
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