Millennial Television: The Representation of Dysfunctional Parenting in Rick and Morty (2013-)

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dc.contributor Jarazo Álvarez, Rubén Eaton Faulkes, Jessamine 2019 2019-11-04T11:57:41Z 2019-11-04T11:57:41Z 2019-11-04
dc.description.abstract [eng] The postmodern TV series Rick and Morty has quickly become a popular choice among the Millennial generation. Academically, it has been analysed from a mostly philosophical approach, leaving a lot to say regarding its impact on media and culture studies. Thus, the aim of this essay is to study how Rick and Morty portrays the dysfunctional family, focusing on the parental figures of Rick, Beth, and Jerry. These characters present toxic traits throughout all three seasons of the series and contribute to the dysfunctionality of the family. The results of the analysis show how the series’ nihilistic approach to life resonates with the Millennial generation, as does its representation of the dysfunctional family. This dysfunctionality is related to detrimental aspects of modern society such as toxic masculinities, emasculation of father figures and problematic motherhoods. ca
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dc.publisher Universitat de les Illes Balears
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dc.subject 81 - Lingüística i llengües ca
dc.subject.other Millennial ca
dc.subject.other Family ca
dc.subject.other Postmodernism ca
dc.subject.other Motherhood ca
dc.subject.other Masculinity ca
dc.title Millennial Television: The Representation of Dysfunctional Parenting in Rick and Morty (2013-) ca
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