Noise activated dc signal sensor based on chaotic Chua circuit

Show simple item record Korneta, W. Garcia-Moreno, Eugenio Sena, André 2019-12-09T08:23:53Z
dc.description.abstract [eng] The noise activated dc voltage signal sensor based on Chua's electronic circuit made from standard electronic components and operating in the chaotic regime where two single scroll attractors coexist is proposed. The crossings between attractors are driven only by the Gaussian noise. The unknown dc target signal is detected and measured via the monitoring of the residence time proportion the sensor stays in one of the two attractors. The dependence of the output time proportion on the input dc target signal voltage and the noise intensity were obtained performing computer simulations. The optimal noise intensity range for detection is indicated and the dependence of the measurement error on the observation time in this range is obtained. The nearly linear output-input relation for the optimal noise level is found.
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dc.relation.ispartof Communications In Nonlinear Science And Numerical Simulation, 2014, vol. 24, num. 1-3, p. 145-152
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dc.subject.classification Electrònica i telecomunicacions
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dc.subject.other Electronics and telecommunication
dc.title Noise activated dc signal sensor based on chaotic Chua circuit
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dc.subject.keywords stochastic resonance
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