Streamflow dynamics in a Mediterranean temporary river

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dc.description.abstract [eng] Mediterranean rivers are characterized by the irregularity of flow, harsh hydrological fluctuations and a profound transformation as the result of human activity. In this study, we investigate the streamflow response of a Mediterranean temporary river in which different groundwater, agriculture and urban contributions play an important role. Streamflow was measured at three nested gauging stations installed along Na Borges River, a lowland agricultural catchment (319 km2) on the island of Mallorca. Based on two hydrological years (2004/05 and 2005/06), potential evapotranspiration and surface water-groundwater interaction generated a succession of four different hydrological periods playing an important role in baseflow dynamics. The runoff coefficients were very low (<5%). At the event scale, groundwater also controlled runoff response, being very different according to hydrogeology, antecedent conditions and human impacts. During dry seasons, wastewater and karstic spring discharges maintain an influent regime into some streams. As a result, intense rainstorms in late summer generated water volumes over the impervious urban surfaces involved, with the result that quickflow was significant because the hydrological pathways were active.
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dc.relation.ispartof Hydrological Sciences Journal-Journal des Sciences Hydrologiques, 2010, vol. 55, num. 5, p. 717-736
dc.rights , 2010
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dc.subject.other Geology
dc.title Streamflow dynamics in a Mediterranean temporary river
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dc.subject.keywords Mediterranean islands
dc.subject.keywords groundwater dominated rivers
dc.subject.keywords rainfall-runoff relationships
dc.subject.keywords Mallorca
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