Consumers' psychological outcomes linked to the use of an online store's recommendation system

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dc.description.abstract [eng] Psychological perspective has been omitted or considered a secondary issue by past studies focused on e-commerce recommendation systems (RS). However, this perspective is key to gaining a better understanding of consumer behaviours when these systems are used to support purchasing processes at online stores. The paper aims to discuss these issues. Design/methodology/approach - The field study consisted of a simulated online shopping process undertaken by a sample of internet users with a recommender system at a real online store (Pixmania). The authors applied rigorous and detailed exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to assess the empirical validity of the model. Findings - The proposed sequence of psychological outcomes is valid, with the exception of one hypothesized relationship. In particular, satisfaction with an online store's recommender has a strong influence on a consumer's willingness to purchase one of the items related to his/her shopping goal. However, this satisfaction has no direct effect on a consumer's intention to make add-on purchases based on the recommender's suggestions. On the contrary, the results support the idea that add-on purchases are conditioned by a previous purchase related to the consumer's initial shopping goal. On the other hand, a consumer's flow state while shopping improves all his/her psychological outcomes linked to an online store's recommender. The influence of flow state is particularly interesting when seeking to gain a better understanding of consumers' unplanned purchases based on the recommender's suggestions. These findings have important implications for practitioners. Originality/value - This paper discusses in detail and empirically test a set of psychological outcomes that emerge when an e-vendor's recommender is used to assist a consumer's shopping process. To the best of the knowledge, this is the first attempt that empirically tests most of the hypothesized relationships within an online store's RS context.
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dc.relation.ispartof Internet Research, 2015, vol. 25, num. 4, p. 562-588
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dc.title Consumers' psychological outcomes linked to the use of an online store's recommendation system
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dc.subject.keywords Psychological perspective
dc.subject.keywords Responses to recommendation system
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