Short-term effects of anaerobic lactic exercise on knee proprioception of track and field athletes

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dc.description.abstract [eng] BACKGROUND: Proprioception is affected during sports events, thus jeopardizing performance and even the well-being of athletes. To effectively control the injury risk and performance, sport professionals should find out how long the proprioceptive damage lasts. OBJECTIVE: To analyze acute effects of an anaerobic lactic exercise on the knee joint position sense of athletes and the duration of these effects until twenty-four hours later. METHODS: Fifteen athletes performed two training sessions one week apart: Warm-up: 30-minute warm-up; and Lactic Exercise: 30-minute warm-up and an anaerobic lactic exercise session. All athletes carried out a joint position sense test of knee, as well as a blood lactate and heart rate analysis before (Pre), just after (Post_{0Min}), thirty minutes after (Post_{30Min}) and 24 hours (Post_{24H}) after each training session. RESULTS: Absolute angular error in knee positioning increased just after Lactic Exercise with statistically higher values than after Warm-up Exercise (p=0.001) and gradually decreased toward 24 hours later. Relative angular error in knee positioning decreased statistically significant 24 hours after Lactic Exercise (p=0.021). CONCLUSION: Anaerobic lactic exercise immediately depletes the accuracy of knee joint position sense, although it is recovered 30 minutes later. After 24 hours, knee joint position sense is better than baseline.
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dc.title Short-term effects of anaerobic lactic exercise on knee proprioception of track and field athletes
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