Molecular characterization of mosquito diversity in the Balearic Islands

Show simple item record Delgado-Serra, Sofía Viader, Miriam Ruiz-Arrondo, Ignacio Miranda, Miguel Ángel Barceló, Carlos Bueno-Marí, Rubén Hernández-Triana,Luis M. Miquel, Marga Lester, Katherine Jurado-Rivera, Jose Antonio Paredes-Esquivel, Claudia 2020-10-27T08:07:38Z
dc.description.abstract [eng] Several outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases have taken place in Europe in recent years. In Spain, both active and passive surveillance have demonstrated that dengue and West Nile viruses are currently circulating, and seven autochthonous dengue cases have been reported in the last 2 yr. The effectiveness of vector control programs largely depends on the accuracy of the taxonomic identification of the species. However, in Spain, identification almost completely relies on the use of morphological keys to characterize the mosquito fauna. This study investigates the congruence between molecular and morphological species boundaries in 13 Spanish mosquito taxa. The Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene region was sequenced from 60 adult specimens collected in Mallorca, plus several representatives from other Spanish regions for comparative purposes. Phylogenetic relationships were established using Bayesian and maximum-likelihood approaches. Using three species delimitation algorithms (ABGD, mPTP, and GMYC), we found strong evidence for cryptic speciation within Anopheles algeriensis Theobald, a widespread mosquito in the Mediterranean basin. We also delimited the Mallorcan rock pool mosquito Aedes mariae (Sergent & Sergent), from mainland European populations. Finally, we found difficulties in the use of wing characters in species keys to distinguish Culiseta annulata (Schrk) from Culiseta subochrea (Edwards). Given that these species are vectors of pathogens of medical relevance and have veterinary importance, their accurate taxonomic identification is essential in European vector surveillance programs.
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dc.title Molecular characterization of mosquito diversity in the Balearic Islands
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