Comparison of Two Dietary Supplements for Treatment of Uric Acid Renal Lithiasis: Citrate vs. Citrate + Theobromine

Show simple item record Hernández, Yumaira Costa-Bauza, Antonia Calvó, Paula Benejam, Joan Sanchís, Pilar Grases, Fèlix 2021-02-06T16:07:05Z 2021-02-06T16:07:05Z
dc.description.abstract [eng] Background. Uric acid (UA) renal lithiasis has a high rate of recurrence and a prevalence ranging from 10% and 15%, depending on the population. The most important etiological factor is persistence of urinary pH below 5.5 and one of the most common treatments is alkalization with citrate. Recent studies demonstrated that theobromine, which is abundant in chocolate and cocoa, is a potent inhibitor of UA crystallization. Aim. The aim was to compare the efficacy of citrate versus citrate + theobromine as treatment for UA lithiasis. Methods. This randomized cross-over trial investigated the efficacy of two treatments in 47 patients with UA renal lithiasis. Urine volume, pH, UA excretion, theobromine excretion, and risk of UA crystallization (RUAC) at baseline and at the end of each intervention period were measured. Results. Each treatment significantly reduced the risk of UA crystallization compared to basal values. The RUAC after citrate + theobromine was lower than the RUAC after citrate, although this difference was not statistically significant. Conclusion. The combined consumption of citrate and theobromine may be a promising strategy for the prevention of UA kidney stones.
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dc.title Comparison of Two Dietary Supplements for Treatment of Uric Acid Renal Lithiasis: Citrate vs. Citrate + Theobromine
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