Management of sudden neurosensory hearing loss in a Primary Care Centre

Show simple item record Muñoz-Proto, F. Carnevale, C. Bejarano-Panadés, N. Ferrán-de la Cierva, L. Mas-Mercant, S. Sarría-Echegaray, P. 2022-02-22T09:27:34Z
dc.description.abstract [eng] Sudden hearing loss is a rapid loss of neurosensory hearing that may occur within hours or days in an apparently healthy patient. Its origins are variable and multifactorial. Most patients do not recover hearing if not treated, and some even develop cophosis (deafness) in the affected ear. It is an otological emergency, as early therapeutic management offers a better hearing prognosis. As there is limited knowledge on this condition, it may be underdiagnosed in Primary Health Care Centers. It should be suspected in patients with abrupt hearing loss or tinnitus. Sophisticated instruments are not required for its diagnosis, just a detailed history, basic otoscopy, and proper interpretation of the hearing test. In this way, an accurate diagnosis is achieved in most cases, which is confirmed by audiometry.
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dc.relation.ispartof SEMERGEN, 2014, vol. 40, num. 3, p. 149-154
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dc.title Management of sudden neurosensory hearing loss in a Primary Care Centre
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