Digital Marketing. Concepts and Strategies. Applications to Tourism

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dc.contributor Serra Cantallops, Antoni Gomila Rosselló, Cristina 2017-11-14T10:29:41Z 2017-11-14T10:29:41Z 2017-11-14
dc.description.abstract [eng] Since the Internet has arrived, Digital Marketing has become one of the first options that the marketers use when they want to get the others to know their products. The appearances of different techniques of Digital Marketing have been more and more frequent in our day-to-day lives. Such a practice has been involved in our lifestyles in a way that we could affirm that any measure in which a product comes into the Market and therefore is sold there, comes from one of the Digital Marketing tools. Marketers have seen a door open almost in every aspect. They can contact in an easier way to the client without having to spend thousands of money trying to stablish a loyal relationship with them. Those interactions can also be done in real time and in any part of the world. But we have to bear in mind that, direct accesses to the customer do have a cost, sometimes quite important. On the whole, messages between people arrive to every single part where marketers want the message to arrive. Moreover it allows the practice of locating who the potential clients are, which of them are loyal and how many clients are willing to buy the products of the company. As a result, the enterprise gives personalized messages to those clients who are interested in your brand and in your company. Digital Marketing and its practices allow get to know the products in a faster and in a cheaper way. On the other hand, those tools require and demand a lot of effort in order to be constantly evolving and in a constant development because enterprises want to meet customers’ needs, they want to serve what clients want and they must adapt to the changes in supply and demand as quickly as possible in order to be updated and available in the market. They have taken aggressively measures in order to appear in the first positions of search engines. Digital Marketing evolves to new applications and new challenges. As long as the society changes, marketers have learnt how important the clients’ opinions are, serve them the way they want, the way they need without wasting time and money in things that they don’t want. Currently, everything changes, and hardly anything is not evolving to better and comfortable situations. Everything takes another role and new tools and measures appear in order to make our lives easier, as a result, one of the challenges of the ones that make Digital Marketing is to take advantage of any single of the items that could benefit them and also the clients. In this way there will be a win-win situation. ca
dc.language.iso eng ca
dc.subject.classification Matèries generals UIB::Turisme i hoteleria ca
dc.title Digital Marketing. Concepts and Strategies. Applications to Tourism ca
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis ca
dc.subject.keywords digital marketing ca
dc.subject.keywords traditional marketing ca
dc.subject.keywords marketing trends ca
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