Parental implication in children's education: benefits and influential factors

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dc.contributor Suárez Gómez, Cristina Suárez Rosario, Cristina Antonia 2017 2018-06-19T06:52:15Z 2018-06-19T06:52:15Z 2018-06-19
dc.description.abstract [eng] The aim of the present paper is to analyze the benefits of parental implication in children’s education and see how it helps students to be successful at school and also in other areas of their lives. Furthermore, it is also important to consider all the factors, variables, and familiar situations that can have a significant influence on how parents decide to engage in education and the different ways of doing it. The most direct way is playing an active role in the diverse tasks that children perform at school. For this reason, it is also worth analyzing and designing distinct activities that require parental help and hence, promote their involvement in their children’s school life. Through the design of a didactic project specially intended to increase familiar support and assistance to students, the establishment of stable, solid, and trustful relationships among parents and children are fostered. In addition, the relationship between parents and teachers is also more likely to be satisfactory, creating a respectful working network in which all the members are actively involved and benefit students’ academic success, which is the ultimate purpose of the present project. ca
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dc.publisher Universitat de les Illes Balears
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dc.subject 37 - Educació. Ensenyament. Formació. Temps lliure ca
dc.subject 373 - Ensenyament primari i secundari ca
dc.subject 81 - Lingüística i llengües ca
dc.subject.other Parental involvement ca
dc.subject.other Trustful relationships ca
dc.subject.other Students success ca
dc.subject.other Education ca
dc.subject.other Benefits ca
dc.title Parental implication in children's education: benefits and influential factors ca
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dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion 2018-05-22T09:06:51Z

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