The effects of presentation time on preference for curvature of real objects and meaningless novel patterns

Show simple item record Corradi, Guido Rossello Mir, Jaume Vañó, Javier Chuquichambi Apaza, Erick Gustavo Bertamini, Marco Munar Roca, Enric 2018-12-17T09:30:23Z
dc.description.abstract [eng] Objects with curved contours are generally preferred to sharp-angled ones. In this study, we aim to determine whether different presentation times influence this preference. We used images of real objects (experiment 1) and meaningless novel patterns (experiment 2). Participants had to select one of two images from a contour pair, curved and sharp-angled versions of the same object/pattern. With real objects, the preference for curved versions was greatest when presented for 84 ms, and it faded when participants were given unlimited viewing time. Curved meaningless patterns were preferred when presented for 84 and 150 ms. However, in contrast to real objects, preference for meaningless patterns increased significantly in the unlimited viewing time condition. Participants discriminated poorly between the two versions (curved and sharp-angled) of the meaningless patterns in the 84- and 150-ms presentations (experiment 3). Therefore, in short times with meaningless patterns, participants selected mostly the curved version without being aware of the difference. In conclusion, presentation time, type of stimulus, and their interaction influence preference for curvature.
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dc.relation.ispartof British Journal of Psychology, 2018, num. bjop.12367, p. 1-16
dc.rights , 2018
dc.subject.classification 159.9 - Psicologia
dc.subject.other 159.9 - Psychology
dc.title The effects of presentation time on preference for curvature of real objects and meaningless novel patterns
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